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5 Delicious Cheese & Meat Pairings You’ll Love!

cheese and meet pairing on a cheese board

Havarti & Soppressata

Havarti is soft, creamy, and buttery sweet, made with pasteurized cow’s milk. You’ll often find this cheese in a variety of different flavors like dill, garlic, basil, and even red pepper, pairing well with soppressata,  a dry salami made from pork. The nuttiness of dry meat supports the buttery undertones of the cheese making it a perfect delight to enjoy!

Pepper Jack & Beef

Spicy, creamy and semi-soft, Pepper Jack cheese pairs deliciously with ground beef. Make a nice beef queso dip, sprinkle it on some veggies and enjoy the cheesy goodness of pepper jack giving you the right balance of tangy flavor with some heat to it. It’s bold, flavorful and should be on your board!

Etorki & Ham

Not popularly known like the rest of the cheese on the list, Etorki is cheese made from pasteurized sheep milk originating from France. The cheese is earthy and hard, and has a unique burnt caramel taste. This sweet treat compliments the earthy notes of ham, giving it a good punch to your palate! 

Gouda & Calabrese

Gouda can seem like a cheese common enough to find in everyone’s pantry, but that makes it even more popular to add to a charcuterie board. The earthy, smokey, and slightly nutty taste of gouda can be enjoyed with calabrese, which is a spicier version of typical salami specially made from chilies, cayenne pepper & ground pepper in the Calabria region of Italy. The red pepper spiciness of the hand-trimmed pork adds an extra kick when eaten with the cheese. Enjoy!

Parmesan & Prosciutto

Parmesan with ultra-thin sliced prosciutto is the perfect pairing when it comes to enjoying salt and sweet. Both the meat and the cheese are matured and have a delicious balance of hard and soft textures when eaten together. Snack on these bites and sip on some chardonnay for a good umami gastronomic experience!


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