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Cheese Shops We Love: Foster Sundry

Cheese Shops We Love: Foster Sundry

A Cheese Shop Grows in Brooklyn

Aaron Foster knows about cheese. He has been in the cheese business for 20 years and has worked everywhere from the former Artisanal Cheese Center in Hell’s Kitchen’s to New York City’s well-regarded Murray’s Cheese. He also spent time at a butcher shop in Brooklyn and behind the cheese counter at Whole Foods, where he got his start while in college. He also studied at the slow Food University in Pollenzo, Italy. Today, he is the owner of Foster Sundry, a local cheese shop in Brooklyn.

Foster opened the shop in late 2015 with the intention of becoming a neighborhood institution for “good, tasty stuff” for all people to enjoy. “I wanted a place where you could come and get things to cook for dinner or just get things to eat for dinner,” says Foster. “And a place where you can be educated and not experience any pretentious or condescending service. We always focused heavily on creating an environment that was like warm and welcoming and educational.” 

Today, Foster Sundry has become that neighborhood institution it was intended to be with delicious products and solid service that keeps people coming back. “We have great regulars and really value the customer.” 


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