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Christmas Recipe Cards From Our Homestead To Yours

Christmas Recipe Cards From Our Homestead To Yours
Last Years Christmas Crepes

If you ask my children what their favourite part of Christmas is, the first answer you will get is Santa and time spent with family, but the second will be Christmas crepes. We only eat crepes on Christmas. Even though they are super simple and would make a great weekend breakfast, it has been tradition ever since I was a baby, that crepes are only eaten on Christmas. I grew up on a beef cattle ranch, every Christmas morning my grandpa would feed the cows for my mom so she could stay home and make crepes. After he was done chores, my grandma and him would come to our house and we would pile strawberries, peaches and whipped cream high onto our crepes. 

This is a torch that I have since been passed. Every Christmas eve I make the crepe batter, and every Christmas morning family gathers at our house for this special breakfast. My mom even passed me down the crepe pan, a far cry from my usual cast iron, it is well cared for teflon non-stick. On receiving the special pan I was given strict instructions that I could only use it for crepes, (she knows me too well). Abiding by the rules, I keep the crepe pan packed away all year with our Christmas decorations. 

Echo, Jasper, Gus

Christmas crepes are a time long tradition in our family and even if the teflon pan doesn’t make it more than my generation, I know that the recipe will. 

For Day 10 of 12 Days of Dairy Christmas I am sharing not only our Christmas Crepe recipe, but also our other recipes that help us form tradition; The Sugar cookies we bake every year, Zachs favourite Christmas Crack recipe, The shortbread recipe that reminds me of my Aunty Vivian’s house. This year I typed these recipes out onto recipe cards and placed them in our baking cupboard. Echo is at the age now that she enjoys baking and I wanted to create a way that she could easily bake on a whim without needing me to riffle through all of the recipe books looking for our favourites. 

I hope that you enjoy these recipes as much as we do, and maybe, just maybe, they will become a piece of your Christmas traditions. 


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