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Counting Down to Christmas with Cheese – Cheese Grotto

Counting Down to Christmas with Cheese – Cheese Grotto

The festive season brings with it a unique blend of traditions and innovations that make the countdown to Christmas all the more exciting. One such delightful tradition that has gained popularity in recent years is the cheese advent calendar. A playful twist on the classic chocolate calendar, this cheesy version offers a daily surprise of deliciousness, making the wait for Christmas Day even more enjoyable for cheese enthusiasts.

What is a Cheese Advent Calendar?

A cheese advent calendar is much like your traditional advent calendar, except behind each door lies a different variety of cheese. It’s a fun and delicious way to celebrate the days leading up to Christmas. Each day offers a new taste experience, ranging from classic favorites to new, intriguing flavors.

The Appeal of a Cheese Advent Calendar

The charm of a cheese advent calendar lies in its ability to transform the everyday routine of December into a delightful culinary journey. For cheese lovers, it’s an opportunity to explore new varieties and rediscover old favorites. It also adds an element of surprise and anticipation to the festive season.

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A Guide to Some of the Best Cheese Advent Calendars

1. The Gourmet’s Choice

This type of calendar is perfect for those who enjoy the finer things in life. It typically features a selection of artisan and gourmet cheeses, often including rare and aged varieties. Each day promises a new, exquisite taste, perfect for savoring slowly.

2. The Local Selection

Focusing on local produce, this calendar is ideal for those who love to support regional cheesemakers. It might include a range of cheeses from local farms, offering a taste of the area’s best dairy produce.

3. The International Journey

For those who love to explore flavors from around the world, this calendar is a perfect choice. It includes cheeses from different countries, making each day an international taste adventure.

4. The Mixed Bag

A mix of both classic and unique cheeses, this calendar is great for those who enjoy a bit of everything. It strikes a balance between familiar favorites and new, intriguing flavors.

Making the Most of Your Cheese Advent Calendar

Pairing with Beverages

To enhance the experience, consider pairing each day’s cheese with a suitable wine or beverage. This not only complements the flavor but also turns your cheese tasting into a festive event.

Creating a Tasting Log

Keep a diary or log of each cheese you try. Note the flavors, textures, and any pairings you enjoyed. This can be a fun way to remember your favorites for future purchases.

Sharing the Experience

Why not make it a social event? Share your daily cheese with family or friends, or post about it on social media. It’s a great way to spread the festive cheer and share your love of cheese.

Where to Find Cheese Advent Calendars

Many specialty cheese shops, online gourmet food retailers, and even some larger supermarkets now stock cheese advent calendars, especially as the festive season approaches. Be sure to purchase yours early, as they often sell out quickly due to their popularity.

DIY Cheese Advent Calendars

If you prefer a more personalized approach, creating your own cheese advent calendar is a fun and rewarding project. Select 24 different cheeses, package them individually, and number them for each day. This way, you can tailor the selection to your specific tastes or dietary requirements.


A cheese advent calendar is a fun and delicious way to count down to Christmas, offering a daily indulgence that’s sure to delight any cheese lover. Whether you opt for a gourmet selection, a local variety, an international journey, or a mixed bag, each calendar is an invitation to explore and enjoy the rich and diverse world of cheese. So this year, why not add a cheesy twist to your festive countdown and make each day of December a little more delicious?


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