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Gift Ideas for Cheesemakers and Cheese Lovers

Gift Ideas for Cheesemakers and Cheese Lovers

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The giving season is coming up!  It’s a little early but we think it’s a good idea to plan ahead because it seems like inventory is diminishing everywhere.

We picked out a few interesting gifts, and you can let us know if we missed any in the comments section or by contacting us at [email protected].

Tools for Cheesemakers

We have an entire online catalog of gift supplies for cheesemakers at  Paper catalog is free.

Cherry Curd Cutter, $39.99, The Wood Junkie Studio at Etsy

Hickory Cheese Cutter, $32.55, cheesetools at Etsy

Pot Dripper for Cheesemaking, $18, Willowcroft Cottage at Etsy

Tools for Cheese Lovers

“33 Pieces of Cheese” Tasting Book, $5, Pocket-sized notebook made from recycled paper. Cheese Tasting Journal – 33 Books Co.

Cheese Chart, $26, archiespress at Etsy

Cheese Cutting Wire, $6.99, 12″ wire or 31″ wire is $9.98, Fante’s Store on Amazon

Cheese Slicer with Wire, $20.97, Kenai Kitchen on Amazon

Wood Cheese Board, $8, Poshmark

Cutting Board Oil, $13.99, Coconut derived and vegan. Caron & Doucet Store

Cheese Saver Box, $9.99, Hutzler Store at Amazon

Edibles for Cheese Lovers and Cheesemakers

Goat Cheese Truffles, Boxes from $15 – $54. Surfing Goat Dairy

Cheese Sticks Cookies “Kastengel,” $32, Baked By JP at Etsy

Homemade Turkish Cheese Pie, $32, The South Water at Etsy

Sauces to Pair with Cheese, $37.47, Nina’s Gift Boxes at Etsy

Black Goat Truffle Cheese, $8.99, Won second place in 2010 at the World Cheese Awards.  Carr Valley Cheese.  And, truffles for the cheesemaker to make their own – Black Truffle Slices, $21.25, TruffleHunter on Amazon

Cheese Lovers Popcorn Gift Pack, $18.95, Wisconsin Made Artisan Collective


Magnet or Sticker for Dishwasher, Options average $25, Anne Drink Store on Etsy

Cheese Curds Lip Balm, $3.89, Blue Poppy Bath at Etsy

Goat Fleece Beanie Hat, $30, Animated Apparels at Etsy

Cheese Doorstop, $10.99, M3is3D at Etsy

Framed Sign, $19.79, Kennebug Gifts at Etsy

Cheese Shaped Soap, $3.50. Lady Eos Products at Etsy

Cheese Shaped Candles, $6, The Wicked Candle Bar at Etsy

Wrapping Your Gifts

Fun Wrap, $3.49, 2Bmcr at Etsy

Vintage Cheese Chart Wrapping Paper, $14.33, Zazzle

The Gift of Giving

You can give a farm animal to a family or a share in a farm animal or you can make a monthly contribution in the name of your gift recipient.

Adopt shares in a goat, sheep, cow, etc. to help families in developing countries. Range of contributions, starting at $10. Heifer International


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