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The Best Truffle Mac and Cheese Recipe – Cheese Grotto

The Best Truffle Mac and Cheese Recipe – Cheese Grotto

Some people love truffle, others abhor it, but what if you had the perfect balance of truffle melted into your mac and cheese?  Even the truffle haters can be converted with this recipe.  It’s all about the balance of truffle to cheese so that the truffle doesn’t overpower the dish but contributes a pleasant mushroom-y earthiness.  As someone who is personally not a huge fan of truffle cheese, believe me, this recipe will convert you! And for the truffle cheese lovers out there, you are in luck!

What’s the best type of cheese for pairing with truffle?

Savory alpine cheeses, cheddars meltable Monterey jack-style and provolone cheeses are all great options for truffle in mac and cheese.  Deer Creek Cheese’s Wild Boar is a Monterey Jack-style recipe where the curds have been mixed with black truffle.  It is an amazing melting cheese and is incredibly well-balanced.  Wild Boar is featured in our upcoming December Quarterly Cheese Subscription.



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